James has been a blessing to work with. He gets the most information of any marketing partner and does a fantastic job of working with the salesperson to push for 📈 appointments that show.
😃Beth Downing. Senior Program Consultant
Byrider© Evansville. IN

I've been working with James and Drive Cheerfully for a few months now and he has raised my numbers substantially. I can count on him for solid leads every month, as he raises 📈 my application number every month allowing me to make more sales. Also his assistant 👱🏻‍♀️ helps me get appointments set, which frees me up for more important things. I would not be as good as I am without James and his staff. 🚀
😃Jesse Wisdom. Sales Manager.
Byrider© Louisville KY

Adding Drive Cheerfully as one of our lead generators has been a driving force behind this dealership's success. Since adding him our store has produced 📈 100+ more sales year over year which increased profit nearly 💰💰💰 half a million dollars. I would advise any dealership seeking an outside lead source to strongly consider Drive Cheerfully as one of the best if not the best sources out there today! ❤️
😃Josh Lobelso. General Manager
Byrider© Pittsburgh. PA

Working with James Thrussell and Drive Cheerfully has been a great experience. We have been working together for 1 year now and my sales have increased by 📈 25%. Great follow up team and amazing communication. Recently the team has helped me average 💰 6-7 cars sold monthly. Quality of leads are adequate and strong appointment show. I will be looking forward to keep working with this team.
😃Manny Camacho. Senior Sales Consultant
Byrider© Tucson. AZ

I have worked with tons of lead generation companies in my time but I can say that James Thrussell and Drive Cheerfully have been by far the most productive 📈 one of them all. For over a year I’ve been receiving detailed leads on a daily basis and it's boosted my sales substantially💰..... Great people to work with!! ❤️
😃Jeremy Ramon. Sales Associate
Byrider© Lafayette. IN

James contacted me about 3 years ago and my business has increased 📈 20 percent! The quality of the leads are great he gets all their info, I can send a text 📱 email and letter ! If you're looking for a lead professional James is the way to go! ✅
😃Angie Doctor. Sales Manager.
Byrider© Joliet. IL

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